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The Story

Project C Sharing Session

A short story about Ian Chiang, the founder of Project C.

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From the American School of Taichung's official social media page.

“ Today our Ian Chiang (G11) presented to ES students. He shared his personal journey (from G4 to approaching Graduation) and discussed the importance of growing and maturing here at AST. He shared his learning process in a sincere and meaningful way for ES students to understand. He discussed the importance of goal setting, positive peer relationships, making meaningful connections to coaches and teachers, and being active and healthy by participating in sports and healthy eating habits. He also shared that with hard work, determination, a positive attitude, and great interpersonal skills, anything is possible.

今天我們安排高中學長 Ian Chiang (G11) 跟小學部學生分享他的個人歷程, 從國小四年級來到 AST 就讀直到現在的成長心得,也論及成長和成熟的重要性。

他以真誠的態度和小學生能夠理解的方式, 分段切片他個人的變化。他同時也提到了目標設定、正面的同儕關係、與教練和老師建立情感以及運動和健康飲食習慣。他更讓小學生們知道透過努力、毅力、 決心、 正面思考、 良好的團隊精神, 任何困難都能迎刃而解!"

His Journey

  • Went to AST since 4th grade

  • 4 times Most Valuable Player

  • Student Government President 

  • Founder of Investment Club 

  • High Honor Student 



  • Young 

  • Goalless 

  • Always in trouble 

  • Always looking for fights

Middle School

  • Slowly fell in love with basketball

  • Want to improve and get better

  • Dedication 


8th Grade

  • Losing the MVP

  • Feeling defeated

  • Frustrated

  • Turned anger and hate into energy  

Entering High School

  • Talking to a mentor

  • "Attitude! Even if your team is down or not playing well you keep your head up and keep balling! That’s what Ben does!”

  • Role models 


High School

  • Over 100 times of " Hey coach how did I do today"

  • Built a strong relationship with coach

  • Truth

High School

  • Teamwork

  • Respect

  • Humble

  • Family


High School

  • Admitting your mistake 

  • Learn from it 

  • Improve 

  • Become a better person

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